2010 Spring Musical

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

May 7 & 8 - 7:30 p.m
May 14 & 15 - 7:30 p.m.
May 15 - 2:00 p.m.

Students - $10      General Admission - $12
Paso Robles High School Activity Center

Carl Delbar as Adam
Maddie Butz as Millie

The Brothers

Will Venturini
as Gideon

Grant Larsen
as Caleb

Alex Delbar
as Benjamin

Brandon Ellsworth
as Daniel

Pierre Halloy
as Ephraim

Garrett Larsen
as Frank

The Brides

Veronica Rodin as Liza           Trinity Smith as Dorcus
Katie Wingfield as Ruth         Sheridan Cook as Sarah
        Grace Stokes as Alice    Emily Cone as Martha

[All photos by George Major]

One Man

Goin' Courtin'

At the dance.

Sobbin' Women

Fetch your women.

"Close your eyes."


You've Got to Make It Through the Winter.

Gideon in love.

A Woman Ought to Know Her Place

Spring, Spring, Spring

Gideon and Alice.

Daniel and Liza.

Benjamin and Dorcas.

Whose baby?


Cast with director Cynthia Anthony, musical director
John Laird and producing director Laurie Zenobio.

[Click on image to download playbill.]
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